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Dental Crown Repair in Birmingham

Our friendly dental crown repair specialists will ensure your crowns are repaired to the highest quality.

What Should You Do If Your Dental Crown Has Fallen Off?

If your Dental Tooth Crown falls out it is a dental emergency and we would ask you to call us as soon as possible. Our aim is to get you the care you need as soon as possible as this speed can help to prevent further damage, pain and infection getting into the tooth root. So please contact us straight away!

Has Your Dental Crown Fallen Off?



Dental Crowns are generally securely attached to the tooth underneath with a strong cement. But sometimes that cement can degrade and the crown loosens and will let go of the tooth meaning it falls out. If it’s just a cement issue then generally we can clean the tooth and the inside of the crown and reattach it. We can generally do this in one visit and we keep emergency slots for this type of problem for existing and new patients alike on most days Monday to Saturday. So contact us to book your treatment.

If the failure of the crown is because of decay this can be more difficult to put right. Sometimes we can clean out the decay and place a filling into the tooth and replace the crown by re cementing it back onto the tooth. Again this can be done in a single emergency appointment. If the decay affects the margins then repair may not be an option and replacing the crown would be the best treatment if there is enough tooth to support a new crown.

If the crown cannot be reattached then we can make a temporary crown in the emergency appointment and then book any further treatment after doing a complete examination of the mouth.

If the damage to the Crown tooth is severe, sometimes we do a root canal filling and place a post (metal like gold or carbon fibre) inside the root to help hold the Dental Crown. This can be especially useful when the tooth has sheared off inside the crown. You will know if this has happened if when you look inside the crown it is filled by tooth or filling and it matches the root end in your mouth.

When a Crown has fallen out we generally like to x-ray the root so we are fully aware of what is happening below the surface. The x-ray can show how the gum and bone are and if there is any infection around the root or root filling, as it is wise to address these issues prior to permanently cementing the crown back in place. We have a great root filling service in-house and we can book these treatments for patients within a few days generally. So contact us straight away.

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Can Crowns Be Repaired?

If the Crown has become damaged through a fall or biting on something hard in your food then sometimes we can bond white filling to the crown to make a repair. The bond of the filling to the crown material is not as reliable as the bond to tooth so sometimes this can be a temporary measure and you will still need to get the crown replaced if its appearance bothers you or it has created a leak into the tooth below (this can allow decay to start). Your dentist will guide you with options to help you decide. Contact us to get advice.

Is It Better To Get A Crown Repaired Or Replaced?

Once you have had an examination with the dentist they will go through what is possible and what your options are, allowing you to decide what best for you. In some cases replacement would be the best option and in others a repair will suffice.

What Is Involved In The Procedure To Repair A Crown?

If the tooth has a crown made by a dentist then sometimes it is possible to bond to the old broken crown to repair it, we would roughen the surface and apply gels and bond or dental glue to the surface to try and attach some white filling. This is rarely permanent and most people go onto need the whole crown changing at some stage.

If the old dental crown can’t be repaired, numbing will be applied if needed and then the crown is gently removed either by cutting through or easing it off from the tooth, new moulds are taken and then a temporary crown is placed letting you get on with your life until it’s time to try on your new crown, if all is good then it will be attached to your tooth with dental cement that day.

Some people call the natural part of the tooth in your mouth a crown (made by nature not the dentist); if this is broken it is very important to call the dentist straight away to get the best advice and an appointment. If the break into the tooth is big or deep the tooth will need covering urgently. Once we have seen the tooth we can give you all of your options so you can decide on the best course of action.

Can A Temporary Crown Be Used If Lost?

If you are mid Crown treatment and you have a temporary crown in place these can fall off much more easily as they are mostly cemented with temporary cement. Again these are generally easy to replace and can be done in one emergency appointment.

If you have a Dental Crown and it has become damaged in some way, we can sometimes bond to the crown and either repair it permanently or even temporarily and the dentist will tell you what the options and outcomes once they have examined the tooth Crown.

Crowns can be placed onto Implants and these some need re tightening if they are a screw type Implant crown or they may need recementing if they are a cement retained crown (extreme care is needed here as the cement can damage the bone around the implant, so careful checking and hygienist care is paramount here). If the Implant Crown has come off it could be because the screw or connector is broken and again once we have examined the crown and implant we can give you the options of how we can help.

If the damage to the tooth underneath is so severe it may not be possible to make a new crown and the tooth may need to be replaced with a Fixed Bridge, a removable Denture or an Implant and we would go through your options and allow you to choose the option which matches your needs.

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Why delay having the smile you want?

It's great to finally find a Dentist I trust. Colin makes every effort to be sure I understand each step he is going to make during our appointment, whether it's a simple check up or dental work to my teeth. I always leave the practice feeling confident that my mouth has had a thorough inspection and any issues taken care of. On my arrival I'm always greeted with a smiley friendly face and an offer of a cup of tea. The team endeavour to make you feel as comfortable as possible making visiting the dentist a lot less daunting experience for me than in the past.

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