“Very polite staff treating you like a "customer." Nice styling and comfort in the surgery.
Appointments available with little notice required. Transparent pricing on treatment plans so no expensive shocks.
Membership options seem worth the money. Technically and professionally a high standard is evident. No hesitation in recommending to friends.”

Barry Jones

“IColin and the team here are brilliant. My teeth were a disaster zone before coming here. Now after an implant, root fillings and some new crowns, Colin has rescued my smile and ability to chew!! They are all so caring and very professional. Steven is a great hygienist, always very careful yet thorough. Very highly recommended.”

Gary D

“I have been visiting this dental practice since June 2016 and I can honestly say it is the best practice that I have been to. 
Mandeep Soorae is a great professional and has been great in regard to giving me advise on how I can look after my teeth and oral health. I had a tooth filling and a crown fitted in and it was pain free! The staffs are all friendly and the dentist has been very helpful and great professionals. I would strongly recommend anyone to see this dental practice!”

Gaowing Bao

“A trusted colleague recommended this practice. It has lived up to expectations over the years. Very efficient, clean with high professional standards and great reception staff too, with that blend of genuine friendliness and yet still utterly professional. 
Hannah comes particularly recommended - not least in her handling of my upper wisdom tooth extraction yesterday when her patience and precision shone through, in spite of my appreciable worries. Thanks, Hannah. I shall now do my bit to recommend your services.”

Anthony Lloyd

“Exceptional dental practice with first class standards of customer and patient care. I was recently seen by Dr Colin Pocock and then Dr Liam Reddington. Both dentists immediately put me at ease with their efficient, calm and professional manner. I was talked through the stages of each procedure and made to feel completely at ease throughout my treatment. My treatment was carried out efficiently and effectively and with a successful outcome that I was completely satisfied with. I highly recommend this dental practice.”

Simon Lukaszewski

“I lived in China for two years. And during that time one tooth was unnecessarily removed and two of my teeth were destroyed by dreadful dentists over there. My dental situation as a result of this vandalism was becoming gradually more uncomfortable.

To rectify this, I did some research about Birmingham dentists online, and I was fortunate to come across The Dentist at Liberty Place. I was invited to join their practice plan (which offered 15% off dental treatments).  Liam Reddington soon carried out two skilful root canals for the damaged teeth and Hannah Clark arranged two very high quality crowns for them. Later on, to replace the missing tooth, Hannah put in an excellent Straumann tooth implant, the insertion of which went very smoothly and was practically painless.
During my treatments, I was always very impressed with the decency, professionalism and knowledgeability of these dentists. I was also very impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness of the reception staff.

I would strongly recommend The Dentist at Liberty Place to anyone looking for advanced dental treatments, such as crowns or dental implants, or just general dental checkups.”

Michael McHugh

Without doubt this practice is the best dentist in Birmingham. After trying a few private dentists before making an investment into Invisalign treatment and tooth whitening, I knew I was in such safe hands here with both my dentist and orthodontist after my very first consultation. I have transformed my whole smile and I wish I had done it so much sooner! The staff were so professional, kind and helpful and I was able to have most of my appointments on Saturdays! I also now bring my little girl for her routine dental health appointments and she just loves it! How amazing. Thank you all so much.

Nichola Musialek

Found them online when looking for a new dentist and booked my appointment through their very easy to use website (I give up easily if website isn't easy and accessible). Text confirmation of booking and all information is clearly written down (I like things to be in writing too). Reminder message from head/main receptionist, Tara, made things a bit more personalised and welcoming. When I called the day before to change my booking time it was dealt with very easily and with a polite voice at the other end of the phone. Great customer service made me very comfortable to keep the appointment and in person this was no different. Met the dentist, Hannah Clark, who was again very friendly and asked a few questions before checking my mouth, gums and teeth and tongue and lips. She was very gentle, but thorough and efficient. Knew what she was talking about and based on my goals, she was able to offer the next steps and solutions going forward. Glad she had a plan because I just had dreams, lol. She let me see the pictures and xrays and explained everything to me, without me having to ask (I like to know all the details even though I'm not the expert, lol) and I appreciated being kept in the loop and given a better understanding of what is causing issues as well as what the consequences are if I continue to do nothing by way of having healthier habits to protect my teeth. Hannah was very honest about my teeth but she didn't make me feel bad or speak down to me at all. I've had personal issues in the past which definitely affected the way I cared for myself, but didn't have to share my story in order to get basic respect - that is a major bonus for me. She also seemed to know her other clients by name, which seems small but I think it's a really big thing. Personalised service. I literally have no complaints about the Dentist at Liberty Place - even the name has a nice ring to it. They even handled a late client with respect and a friendly but firm demeanour. I will honestly be recommending them to everyone who will listen and those who won't too, lol. Top service, excellent attitudes across the board and a professional plan. Based on my treatments I was also able to book a few appointments at a time which was excellent because the way my work schedule is set up, there isn't much opportunity to sort things out, so having a few appointments certainly helps me. Did I mention how nice and clean the Dentist is too. Can you tell I'm a happy customer? I have wanted to sort my teeth out for ages and I have been very wary about choosing the right place, I chose excellently...even if I do say so myself. If you're looking for a new dentist try this one.... Hannah is a great dentist too but if you prefer someone else, I can honestly say that everyone there treated me well so I am sure it is excellent service no matter which dentist you choose, but choose Hannah, lol. I say do it now, whilst they are still accepting new clients. You can book at a time that suits you, ie after payday, but if it's in advance then at least you are in.

Maya Divine

Colin and the team here are brilliant. My teeth were a disaster zone before coming here. Now after an implant, root fillings and some new crowns, Colin has rescued my smile and ability to chew!! They are all so caring and very professional. Steven is a great hygienist, always very careful yet thorough. Very highly recommended.

Gary D

I’m currently having my teeth whitening sessions here and I have to say, I’m happy with the result of my teeth. I’ve never felt confident with my smile, so I’m escastic with how white my teeth look right like. They’re not my ideal white yet, but they’re the whitest they’ve ever been. Also, the service there is absolutely amazing. I’ve never serviced such good service from any of my previous dental clinics.

Cherry Le

It's great to finally find a Dentist I trust. Colin makes every effort to be sure I understand each step he is going to make during our appointment, whether it's a simple check up or dental work to my teeth. I always leave the practice feeling confident that my mouth has had a thorough inspection and any issues taken care of. On my arrival I'm always greeted with a smiley friendly face and an offer of a cup of tea. The team endeavour to make you feel as comfortable as possible making visiting the dentist a lot less daunting experience for me than in the past.

Mark Colwill

First visit today. I felt cared for and every member of staff was exceptionally polite. The dentist, Colin, was brilliant and made all the information as simple as possible, managing not to scare me!! Then I saw the hygienist- I do not think my teeth have ever been this clean!!
I joined the membership I was so impressed.

Helen Nolan

Emergency appointment as on holiday on the canals of Birmingham. Recommended by my Dentist, Colin was fabulous, as I made him aware of my nervousness!
Highly recommend.
Thank you!

Isobel Vaughan

I've been a patient for over 4 years and have been delighted with my treatment and the friendly service from the team. The practice is modern, bright and very well equipped and is conveniently located on Sheepcote St which offers street parking directly outside or a multi-storey car park two mins down the road. I decided to sign up for a dental practice plan which offers great value. Definitely recommended!

Jon Holyhead

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