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Drill-free and Needle-free Dentistry

At The Dentist at Liberty Place we are passionate about the best techniques to make your treatment as comfortable as possible, using as much of your own natural tooth as we can.

Wouldn’t it be great if your treatment could be completed without the needle and without the drill? No matter what anyone says some procedures will always need them.

But there are occasions especially in Children’s Dentistry where the drill and needle really aren’t needed. New techniques come and go, but sometimes the research just keeps coming in saying that some new techniques really work.

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Fissure Sealants

The fissure of the tooth is the groove in the top that is weaker and lets in decay. We have always offered fissure sealants to children but long term evidence now shows that this treatment works well in adult teeth alike. This means we can seal the teeth at the very first stage of decay prior to the stage of a filling using a very simple: wash, dry and paint, procedure.

ICON early caries treatment and treatment for white spots

Very early decay and decay sitting between teeth used to be difficult to treat before icon found a way to treat decay in its very earliest stage.

Treatment using Icon is gentle, has no need for a drill and can really transform the health and look of your smile. Our dentists and therapists prepare the tooth and apply a solution that soaks gently into the enamel to stabilise the decay. The whole treatment can usually be completed in one short visit with our team.

Click here to read our pdf about ICON treatment and call our team to discuss today.

Before and After ICON treatment

Stainless Steel Crowns for Children’s teeth

Sometimes we find that Fillings in Childrens’ back teeth fail and lead to the death of the tooth, abscess and tooth pain for the child which is exactly what we all want to avoid. Stainless Steel Crowns simply pushed over a decayed tooth (with Fluoride releasing cement inside) stops the decay, seals the tooth and helps the patient keep the tooth until it naturally falls out. This means the patient didn’t need an injection or their tooth drilling and keeping the tooth means a reduced need for braces treatment or time of treatment later in life.

Riva Star Fluoride Treatment for Children’s teeth

For children too young to accept regular forms of Dentistry or too frightened we now offer Riva Star Fluoride treatment which can turn off the decay in the cavity and stop the decay progressing until the Child is ready for other forms of Dentistry. Riva Star Fluoride is simply painted onto the cavity stopping the decay. Allowing us time to build up the Childs confidence in us and then when older we do a more permanent treatment.

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Hannah comes particularly recommended - not least in her handling of my upper wisdom tooth extraction yesterday when her patience and precision shone through, in spite of my appreciable worries. Thanks, Hannah. I shall now do my bit to recommend your services.”

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