If you’re unhappy with your smile and are looking for a quick way to fix misaligned or worn front teeth, or bad staining, then you may want to consider dental veneers. When your teeth are irreversibly stained or irregular, your confidence can be seriously affected. Maybe you want to get this sorted in time for a big event like a wedding. Dental veneers are one option available to improve the appearance of your smile.

  • Veneers are strong, wafer-thin porcelain or ceramic shells custom-made to fit the surface of your teeth.
  • This is a long-lasting treatment that looks fantastic and conserves as much natural tooth as possible.
  • Sometimes a single veneer is placed to hide a dark tooth or to repair a broken front tooth but with a smile makeover we place multiple veneers – usually between 6 and 10. We also repair, maintain and replace worn-out veneers.
  • Excellent colour matching and construction help veneers achieve a superior, lifelike result that should be almost indistinguishable from a normal tooth.

If veneers are suitable for you, your dentist will use a tooth coloured material, usually porcelain, to cover the visible portion of the tooth. This is usually a very thin layer that can be compared with a false fingernail, although stronger and more technical to place on the tooth.

Veneers may be used singularly or on multiple teeth depending on the individual mouth and in a smile makeover may be combined with other techniques such as crowns, implants and cosmetic bonding to achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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