Your Consultation

The link between oral health and your general health is growing and so we will always focus on achieving a healthy mouth.

Upon your enquiry, our patient care team will invite you to visit one of our dentists for your consultation. This visit will be as follows:

  • It will last around 40 minutes and includes a full oral assessment of your mouth, teeth and gums to ensure they are as healthy as possible.
  • Our skilled dentists will then assess all of the soft tissues that surround your mouth and rule out signs of oral cancer.
  • Your dentist will take routine x-rays and photographs to build a full picture of your mouth and create a bespoke treatment plan based on their findings.

We invite you to spend lots of time chatting with your dentist during your consultation so that your treatment plan reflects a true understanding between you and your dentist. In that way we can achieve both the healthiest mouth and the smile of your dreams.

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