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Nervous Patients

The first thing we do when you visit our practice, is listen.

We take time to understand your concerns and your previous experience. We make time to treat you gently and with the care you deserve. We always welcome nervous patients and work with you to make your journey with us relaxed and pleasant.

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I haven’t had a dental checkup in a long time. I am concerned with how much treatment I may need.

Years ago it was normal for people to need fillings every time they went to the dentist but things have changed for the better. Fluoride toothpastes have made a large impact on tooth decay and you may be surprised at how little treatment you need.

How do I start going to the dentist again if I am very nervous?

It may be helpful for you to visit our practice and meet our friendly staff before you arrange an appointment. We will do our best to restore your confidence by taking special care of you and answering all your questions.

We listen to what you say

Found them online when looking for a new dentist and booked my appointment through their very easy to use website (I give up easily if website isn't easy and accessible). Text confirmation of booking and all information is clearly written down (I like things to be in writing too). Reminder message from head/main receptionist, Tara, made things a bit more personalised and welcoming. When I called the day before to change my booking time it was dealt with very easily and with a polite voice at the other end of the phone. Great customer service made me very comfortable to keep the appointment and in person this was no different. Met the dentist, Hannah Clark, who was again very friendly and asked a few questions before checking my mouth, gums and teeth and tongue and lips. She was very gentle, but thorough and efficient. Knew what she was talking about and based on my goals, she was able to offer the next steps and solutions going forward. Glad she had a plan because I just had dreams, lol. She let me see the pictures and xrays and explained everything to me, without me having to ask (I like to know all the details even though I'm not the expert, lol) and I appreciated being kept in the loop and given a better understanding of what is causing issues as well as what the consequences are if I continue to do nothing by way of having healthier habits to protect my teeth. Hannah was very honest about my teeth but she didn't make me feel bad or speak down to me at all. I've had personal issues in the past which definitely affected the way I cared for myself, but didn't have to share my story in order to get basic respect - that is a major bonus for me. She also seemed to know her other clients by name, which seems small but I think it's a really big thing. Personalised service. I literally have no complaints about the Dentist at Liberty Place - even the name has a nice ring to it. They even handled a late client with respect and a friendly but firm demeanour. I will honestly be recommending them to everyone who will listen and those who won't too, lol. Top service, excellent attitudes across the board and a professional plan. Based on my treatments I was also able to book a few appointments at a time which was excellent because the way my work schedule is set up, there isn't much opportunity to sort things out, so having a few appointments certainly helps me. Did I mention how nice and clean the Dentist is too. Can you tell I'm a happy customer? I have wanted to sort my teeth out for ages and I have been very wary about choosing the right place, I chose excellently...even if I do say so myself. If you're looking for a new dentist try this one.... Hannah is a great dentist too but if you prefer someone else, I can honestly say that everyone there treated me well so I am sure it is excellent service no matter which dentist you choose, but choose Hannah, lol. I say do it now, whilst they are still accepting new clients. You can book at a time that suits you, ie after payday, but if it's in advance then at least you are in.

Maya Divine

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