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Being a member is your best bet!

How many of us pay monthly to “visit” the gym?

We’re no strangers to the busy lifestyle you lead, but for many of us we happily pay our monthly fee to rest easy in the knowledge that the gym would welcome us should we wake up feeling motivated to… exercise!

How many of your friends and family feel motivated to visit the dentist? Our pay monthly patients have proved year upon year to visit us MORE regularly have HEALTHIER gums and to need LESS treatment.

Essentially, a healthy routine is a preventative measure for the health of your mouth and in turn, the health of your whole body. Think of your dental health check as your MOT, a clear bill of health is always worth it to prevent the dreaded breakdown! Being a member at the dentist at Liberty Place means:

  • emergency insurance cover if there was ever an emergency
  • 15% off restorative and cosmetic treatments with our routine dentists
  • complimentary consultations to change your smile

All of our pay monthly plans include the right amount of routine care with our dentists and hygienists to keep your mouth as healthy as can be for as long as possible! Talk to our team about becoming a member at your next visit or your initial consultation!

“It’s a no brainer”, our patient care team say, and they’re right!